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umbraetimago opusmagnusMozart (Umbra et Imago) about

Opus Magnus

It’s already one year ago since UMBRA ET IMAGO released their last ever album ‘Opus Magnus’. Now, front man Mozart found some time to give us some background information about the songs. Read what he’s got to tell…

01. Ohne Dich
Mozart: That´s a very personal love song! I recognized that it strikes the nerves of a lot of couples! I´m glad about this, because it´s one of the magnificent facts of art, that everybody is able to interpret the songs on his own and is moreover invited to do so.

02. Perfect Baby
Mozart: An overbooked story about “cloning“, that bothers a lot of scientists. Just like in nuclear energy, mankind tries to meddle with something that is not under control. Greed of gain is the umbraetimago2010 04motivation to come out with something that is able to do a lot of harm. The experience of nuclear energy depicts this in a very impressive way. There will be a lot of surprises in caused by genetic research and commercialization of insecure “scientific” findings.

03. Depressionen
Mozart: One of the most widespread diseases is depression. This song describes some behaviour patterns in a subjective way.

04. Gebet Nr. 1
Mozart: It´s a plea to god, to take one´s life. God, in my opinion is not that one of the church that is taught since more than 1000 years. God is more than a man is able to imagine. For me, God is an intuitiveness - I won´t dare to describe god or to claim that I´m god´s representative on earth. Everybody who is claiming this is a LIAR, because to do that is an absolute disgrace! From my point of view, mankind isn´t even capable to recognize the brain in an exact way. We hardly know anything about the universe and beyond. So, how can we explain god?

05. Liebeslied
Mozart: Another love song that tries to explain things that are hard to explain…

06. Kokainsong
Mozart: An overbooked song about a person that has consumed too much of cocaine.

07. Is this love
umbraetimago2010 02Mozart: A Bob Marley cover song. I wished to do that for a very long time, because I really appreciate what he has done.

08. Hexxenhammer
Mozart: A song that reduced the message of an inhuman opus called ‘Hexenhammer’. This was a compendium of burning of witches. The script was released in 1486 with the blessing of the pope and was written by Friar Heinrich Kramer.

09. Ignoranz
Mozart: This song describes the feeling of being prudent when you ignore things than to let something provoke you.

10. Ode an die Musik
Mozart: Time to say “Thanks a lot!” to music that is capable to cause a lot of pleasure. It´s a love sing to music, as you can say so.

11. Sonntagsandacht
Mozart: Somehow, that´s a homily I definitely would like to preach in a church on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, this is fantastic therefore I made it on the release! ;)

12. Wanderers Nachtlied
Mozart: A song by Franz Schubert with lyrics of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It´s a modern interpretation of old cultural goods.

Written by Marcin Majewski, translation by Björn Butzen

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