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 D3S8338 kleinEmslandarena, Lingen, Germany
14th February 2018
Mando Diao & The OBGMs

In autumn 2017, MANDO DIAO were playing an extended tour with several dates in Germany. With new energy and joy to bring the band into focus again, the boys are happier and more excited than ever. After nineteen years together, singer and guitarist Gustaf Norén left the band in June 2015 in friendship. To lose the singer is a big thing for a band. Most of them do not recover from it. But not MANDO DIAO. Always, mastermind Björn Dixgård was identified as central front man due to his remarkable voice. And so, the band decided to go on.

The new album tells how good and right this decision was. The album is infused by wild and special energy, being felt in every second. That’s what people love on the Swedes. For the first time, all band members took part in the songwriting and created maybe the band’s best album ever. Now, the Swedes are back for the second part of the tour: In February, Stuttgart, Dresden, Frankfurt and Lingen are on the travel plan. We checked out the show in the cosy city of Lingen, where about 1,300 fans gathered at the Emslandarena to listen to the fantastic program consisting of pieces from the new record and old songs. The evening was opened by the Toronto / Canada based punk rock quartet THE OBGMS. Please enjoy out pictures of the evening.


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Mando Diao

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01. Intro
02. San Francisco Bay
03. All the Things
04. White Wall
05. All My Senses
06. Dancing All the Way to Hell
07. Good Times
08. One Two Three
09. The Band
10. Mr. Moon
11. You Got Nothing On Me
12. Break Us
13. Voices on the Radio
14. Down in the Past
15. Sweet Ride
16. Gloria
17. Ochrasy
18. Brother
19. Shake
20. Dance With Somebody

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