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SamaelF-Haus, Jena, Germany
8th May 2019
Samael - “Hegemony European Tour 2019” - special Guest: Hangman’s Chair

Last Wednesday, SAMAEL visited the F-Haus in Jena. This was the second concert on the “Hegemony European Tour 2019” so check out all tour dates on their website or Facebook page. If SAMAEL plays in a city close to you, then you should go and by a ticket. You will not regret it. After all the years SAMAEL is still a great live band on stage. They fans enjoyed a very good concert evening with songs from the band’s newer albums but also songs from their older records.

By the way the support Band HANGMAN´S CHAIR was getting an excellent response from the audience. This is why I still like it going to live concerts after so many years. Not only that I enjoy bands like SAMAEL who exists for so many years. I also like it to discover new bands. Never be too late to a concert and never miss the support band! HANGSMAN’S CHAIR, go and check them out online!

Hangman’s Chair

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All pictures by Silvio Pfeifer

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