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Mad FoxPéitenger Carena, Pétange, Luxembourg
13th to 27th June 2020
Drive-In-Concerts with a Thé Dansant, Mad Fox, Dëppegéisser, Tim Bendzko and Serge Tonnar

The guidelines that had to be taken because of the corona crisis have hit the concert industry worldwide very hard. Many concerts were postponed or even cancelled. Unfortunately, nobody knows when it will be possible to go to concerts again.

However, with the drive-in concerts in Pétange, Den Atelier found a solution to organize events and keep people happy even during the pandemic. Drive-In concerts? Yes! Drive-in cinemas work as well. So, jump over your shadow and go back in time to the 1950s, the time when that was part of everyday life. Having a stage and a screen, the audience had everything in view and didn’t miss a thing. Just like at the drive-in, the music came through the car radio. And in case the car wouldn’t start afterwards, there were also towing services on site.

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The whole thing started on Saturday 13 June with a THÉ DANSANT. Three days later the local band MAD FOX rocked the village in the south while DËPPEGÉISSER provided a good atmosphere on June 19th. Highlight of the whole thing was the concert of the German musician TIM BENDZKO, on June 22nd. One day before the national holiday. Four days later, the Luxembourg artist SERGE TONNAR did the honours and provided a worthy conclusion.

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Mad Fox

MAD FOX is a 6-piece Rock band out of Luxembourg / Europe. The band is based around singer / songwriter and former Punk Rock guitarist Jimmy Leen, record producers Charles Stoltz and Tom Gatti on guitars and bass, session and live drummer Dirk Kellen, living-jazz-legend Jérôme Klein on keys and last but not least multi-instrumentalist Alyose Weyler on percussions and everything else. They released a first self-titled album in 2015 under the name FOX. The two singles ‘Fade Into The Sun’ and ‘Cool Cat’ were a huge success on Luxembourg’s mainstream radio stations. Both scored pretty well on Luxembourg’s radio charts. ‘Cool Cat’ went to number one for a few weeks on Eldoradios Chartbreaker. In 2018 they changed their name to MAD FOX because of visibility reasons.

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Since 2005 the brothers Luc and Michel Guillaume have been trying to entertain their audience with music, humour and charm. They are supported by Laurent Peters on bass and Bob Leick on drums. Ben Claus and Eric Palchero on piano often help out too. With lyrics written in their mother tongue, some of which contain well-known melodies, the group juggles with clichés and anecdotes from everyday life and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

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Serge Tonnar

As a singer-songwriter, Serge has been on stage since 1985 and produces albums since 1995. In 1996 he began a parallel career as a composer for stage music. The theatre does not let go of him, he is an actor, author, director and producer. Since 2000 he has also been composing soundtracks and playing a few small roles in films. With great success, he has been concentrating on his own songs in Luxembourgish with the band LEGOTRIP since 2011. After the quarantine, Serge Tonnar returns to the stage, unfortunately without his band LEGOTRIP. For this extraordinary concert in Pétange, he will be on stage with a band of guest musicians.

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All Pictures by Elena Arens

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