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shining28Volta, Moscow, Russia
19th November 2016

HINING can be called one of the leaders and lawmakers of depressive black metal. From their first records, their music showed the most specific and dark offshoot of the style - long stringy composition, at times bordering on doom metal and dark ambient, looped, slowly developing melodies and extremely expressive vocals. Each new album showed more and more non-standard approach, the music shifted to more and more avant-garde forms, but one thing has always remained the same. Their music can be called a kind of concentrate the sound of darkness, and band’s lyrics invariably appeals to the darkest side of the human soul. The dark, bloody, scaring and provocative black metal band from Sweden played a fantastic show in Moscow! Chaos and madness was happening at Volta’s stage on 19th of November…

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All pictures by Ekaterina Yakyamseva 

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