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shining 812
Artist: Shining
Title: 8 1⁄2 - Feber Drömmar I Vaket Tillstånd
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 20th September 2013
Label: Dark Essence Records

Review Flash

With ‘8 1⁄2 – Feber Drömmar I Vaket Tillstånd’, SHINING put forward a collection of songs that were recorded back in 2001 and 2002 and are now being re-mastered. Apart from the track ‘Through Corridors Of Oppression’, guest singers from bands like Mayhem or God Seed add their vocals. The overall mood of the album is very depressive, raw and dark and fans of more melodic or catchy tunes will surely be disappointed. Yet, this album shows, that SHINING are capable of writing and producing good music, apart from being controversial. 

Conclusion: Depressive Black Metal with a rough sound and production – alludes to SHINING’s early days.

Rating: 7 / 10

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