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PixiesPalladium, Cologne, Germany
7th October 2019
Pixies & Blood Red Shoes

Very joyful news: in September, PIXIES released their new, eighth studio album, entitled ‘Beneath The Eyrie’. Simultaneously, the European part of their world tour started, and in October 2019, the pioneering Indie rockers come to Germany, and also to Cologne, where about 3,500 fans attended the show at the Palladium. For that occasion, Black Francis (vocals, guitar), Joey Santiago (guitar), Paz Lenchantin (bass) and David Lovering (drums) came up with something new: PIXIES did not play a fixed setlist, but during rehearsals, they prepared about 90 songs from all phases of their band history. No gig of the tour is alike the other, sequence and selection of the songs is made spontaneously during the concerts.

Supporting Act BLOOD RED SHOES already warmed the audience very well. In fact, I personally even liked their show more than the main act. With a lot of energy they delivered thirty minutes of powerful music. If you like to see the band on a headliner show, you’ll have the chance later this year. They also play a concert in Cologne! At nine, it was then time for the headliner of the evening. PIXIES set no great store by many words between the songs and were more concentrated on their electrifying music, nothing stood in the way of a consistently good concert experience. Especially, the quartet referred to a wide and diverse repertoire: since the first phase in the late eighties, PIXIES are one of the most influential bands at all. During the show, front man Black Francis gave short information to the mixer, the light engineer and the band members, which song was played next. Overall, there was a really long setlist presented on the evening with around forty songs. Impressive and I am sure the fans had a good time!

Blood Red Shoes

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