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meraluna2019You all must have noticed that lots of unusual things happened at the M’era Luna website and within social media. Not only the festival logo and the design is new, there is also a completely new category - the Ikonomicum.

Change of times

Dear dark community - we are facing the collapse of our civilization, the extermination of all living beings, and the destruction of the entire universe, aren’t we? Is the Ikonomicum just a figment, a pamphlet of a lunatic association conceived in delirium, the so-called iconoclasts, who covertly indulge doomsday fantasies and hunt nothing but smoke and shadows? Or might there be some truth in their researches and reports?

Devours of the firmament in a whispering garment

That is the way it has been written: “A new age is dawning. The planets and stars are beginning to devour one another. When war and peace become one and the world is finally ready to stop resisting and instead submit to the flames so that a new universe can be born from the ruins and the ashes, that’s when the time of the icons is upon us. Six heralds, six harbingers of doom and rebirth will wander the face of the earth, unaware of their role in the web of the universe, yet of the utmost importance for the imminent and irreversible events that are about to befall the world.

Every icon unites devastation and hope, but always remains hidden to the people as the source of their suffering.

Each herald only affects a limited region or aspect of peoples’ lives, but once the all-embracing cataclysm has engulfed the world with its decay, they will join up like a patchwork rug of depravity. Typical of them all is that they often have two opposing sides and only show their other self when struck by moonlight.

And the humans? They are far too caught up in their network of necessities, distractions, quick thrills, ignorance and disinterest to perceive the signs of their imminent demise. Only rarely a poor soul meets one of the icons, and either they do not recognise it for what it is, or they don’t survive the encounter. And so, with much noise, the world with all its light and shadow is hurtling towards eternal darkness…”

- Ikonomicum -

Broken will in a pitch-black land

The Ikonomicum already revealed the first entry and speaks of an abomination covertly, not all human, not all machine, not all light and not all darkness, and its corrupted manipulations fret the pillars of civilization:


“There is some dispute about the origins of the despicable Kyberos among those who are brave enough to pursue the cataclysmic icons. Some see the birth of the man-machine as a modern-day phenomenon. Others believe the dawn of his reign can be traced back to the beginning of the industrial revolution. The second theory is supported by the exploding increase in the global energy consumption since then and Kyberos’ alleged manifestation, which the few surviving eyewitnesses describe as a disgusting fusion of flesh and apparatus.

Viewed from the front, Kyberos is a human being of flesh and blood, who only stands out due to his restlessness and gaunt appearance. His rear, however, is a mess of hydraulics, cogwheels, diodes, pipes, cables, tubes and hinges. Viewed from behind, Kyberos seems to be as much a droid as he seems human from the front, only his human side is unaware of his synthetic symbiont. He cannot feel the cybernetic parts of his body, and his horror of sleeping can be explained by the fact that the droid only wakes once the human side sleeps.

The human side always stays awake for as long as possible, but when he finally succumbs to sleep, totally exhausted, the machine half has free rein until the human half recovers enough to wake up again. The human half of Kyberos is always curious about new technological advancements and their development, while the machine half is dreaming of escaping its fleshy prison and spreading its artificial intelligence across the world. And so – limited by its many outmoded components and close syntactic link with the living human mind, which it has never managed to fully understand – the machine conducts experiments that require an ever-greater amount of energy. Thus, a terrible Janus-faced interaction takes place: while Kyberos’ human half keeps working on technological innovations that advance the day-to-day lives of the earthlings, the machine uses these inventions to find a way to escape. Consequently, a large part of the global hunger for energy can be traced back to Kyberos, whose awfulness will grasp the world once the machine can detach from the human...”

- Ikonomicum -

Scourge of foreign and trusted hand

There a another five entries in the Ikonomicum, but as it seems, they are encrypted and thus only accessible to the circles of the iconoclasts. What is the message for the dark community? There a still five scourges lying ahead of us? When will we learn about them? And is there still hope, or is all we can do to look into the abyss, until the abyss looks back at us?

The arrival, the sixth, the end

...or the beginning?

The people behind the M’era Luna are not sure about where all this is going, but what they know is, that they are very worried about these records. Accompany them on that journey into the future, either into the light or into the eternal shadow.

They invite you to share your thoughts on social media.

Source: Press Release

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