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wunschkonzert oberhausen20231110Kulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany
10th November 2023
“Vier Bands Wunschkonzert” with Chrom, Adam is a Girl, Blume and one more

Everything is getting more expensive: groceries, gasoline, electricity, and of course, concert tickets. The Kulttempel Oberhausen consciously goes against this trend with its “Wunschkonzert” (Wish Concert) and offers a great concert evening for a small price on 10th November.

Three out of four bands for the "Wunschkonzert" are already confirmed. CHROM, ADAM IS A GIRL, and BLUME will share the stage. The fourth band will be announced shortly. You should definitely take advantage of the pre-sale. This way, you can save even more and buy your ticket for only 20 euros. At the door, the ticket will cost around 30 euros, if there are any left. The pre-sale will run until 6:00 pm on the concert evening, but if the tickets are gone, they’re gone. By the way, there will be another “Wunschkonzert” on 1st December. So, stay tuned.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:30
Start: 20:30
Tickets: available for 20.00 euros via Eventim
Facebook Event:

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