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Syrens Call is very proud to present a preview of the artwork of SYRENS CALL's forthcoming DVD " Live From The Abyss ". This double digipak DVD+CD is to be released by Thundering Records/Pervade Productions next April.
This niece piece of work has been created by par Frédéric Duvivier already at the origin of the artwork of our second album " Emoceans " (2004 - Brennus Music).



The DVD " Live From the Abyss " contains the 10th anniversary concert recorded the 3rd of May 2007 at the Nautylis in Comines, France.
The track-list of this more than 2 hours-gig is as follows:

1. The Other Kingdom
2. Fears and Hopes
3. Mission to Earth
4. Your Soul is Mine
5. Secrets of the Seas
6. Survival
7. The Druidesses of Oya
8. Cold Embers
9. In the Abyss of Sorrow
10. Silence of an Angel
11. Pink Star & Tita 09
12. Brave Hearts (acoustic)
13. Storm (acoustic)
14. Run and Fall
15. Legasea
16. The Start of a New Story
17. Aquatic Coma
18. Toccatttack
19. Far Away
20. The Show Must Go On

A documentary about the story of SYRENS CALL and a making-of of the anniversary gig will also be present on the DVD.
The CD gathers the following best-of of the concert:

1. The Other Kingdom
2. Fears and Hopes
3. Mission to Earth
4. Secrets of the Seas
5. The Druidesses of Oya
6. Cold Embers
7. Storm (acoustic)
8. Run and Fall
9. Legasea
10. Aquatic Coma
11. Far Away
12. The Show Must Go On

Very soon some audio and video samples of "Live From the Abyss" will be available on our website, so stay tuned!
Please note that you can already pre-order your copy of " Live From the Abyss " on the website of Syrens Call:

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