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blindguardian twilightofthegods
Artist: Blind Guardian
Title: Twilight Of The Gods
Genre: Heavy Metal/ Power Metal
Release Date: 5th December 2014
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Review Flash

No introduction needed here, the head-banger that doesn’t know BLIND GUARDIAN is not worthy to read my words. BLIND GUARDIAN is one of the most important German metal bands and still is a big influence to modern metal bands. Hansi Kürsch and his band mates singlehandedly made Krefeld (BG`s hometown) a town many head-bangers know only because of them. On to the music, the first and only new song on this EP is called ‘Twilight Of The Gods’ and it has every BLIND GUARDIAN trademark in one song which practically makes it absolutely awesome! This song is epic, catchy and full of great moments that make you raise your fist in utter metallic happiness. Also on this EP is ‘Time Stands Still On The Iron Hill’ and ‘The Bard’s Song’ both recorded in Wacken 2011, the songs are great and so are these versions, Hansi`s vocal performance is outstanding and exemplary.

Conclusion: If this one new song is representative for the entirety of the new stuff this will be a hell of a record!

Rating: 8.5 / 10


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