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wotan thesongofthenibelungs
Artist: Wotan
Title: The Song of the Nibelungs
Genre: Epic Metal
Release Date: 1st November 2019
Label: Rafchild Records

Review Flash

Milan, Italy’s WOTAN is not only pretty underground it is old-school as well, formed in 1988 and aside a hiatus between 94 and 98, pretty much active since then this is the epitome of Heavy Metal underground. WOTAN is classic Epic Metal in the sense of MANILLA ROAD, MANOWAR and VIRGIN STEELE aside from the strange but intriguing vocals (the vocal vibrato comes with the start of every produced tone and not at the end). Once you are used to it, it slowly stops to irritate the living fuck out of you. Aside the sound, quality or anything else there is one thing most journalist will like instantly: the record includes 18 songs (not one is shorter than 4 minutes) which means this output is 1:49 worth of music, Epic Metal that is. Sound-wise there is nothing to criticize, everyone knows their craft and plays nice and tight. Overall it is not my cup of tea because I have very special standards when it comes to vocals, I grew up with QUEEN, DIO and so on.

Conclusion: Aside from the strange vocals I can dig it, if you like GRAVEDIGGER you might love this

Rating: 7 / 10

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