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hazemaze hymnsofthedamned
Artist: Hazemaze
Title: Hymns of the Damned
Genre: Stoner / Doom
Release Date: 22nd November 2019
Label: Ripple Music

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Now playing: HAZEMAZE! This three piece hails from Sweden’s capital Stockholm and these guys know their fuzzy craft. Heavy as life itself, hypnotizing like a black-hole and unstoppable like a steamroller. They destroy in slow-motion and I really love the fact Ludwig Andersson rather sounds like John Garcia than Ozzy. The riffs are strong with this one, bass lines undergirding and drums that top it off. While delving into ‘Hymns of the Dead’ I realize that the Stoner percentage outweigh the Doom part, although heavy as the actual fuck HAZEMAZE lack epic but that’s normal for Stoner music as it is quite different to Doom. If you listen to Doom Metal you mostly become overwhelmed with the desire to kill your enemies with a blood drenched claymore while roaming nightmarish landscapes dominated by ice, darkness and eternal despair whereas stoner music simulates the feeling of being utterly stoned and maybe a bit shitfaced (I for one love stoner and doom). HAZEMAZE is music to sit down and get high, music to lose your mind to.

Conclusion: If you like KYUSS or anything really slow and 70s oriented you should check out HAZEMAZE.

Rating: 8 / 10

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