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aneveningwithknives senseofgravity
Artist: An Evening with Knives
Title: Sense of Gravity
Genre: Post Metal / Doom
Release Date: 6th March 2020
Label: Argonauta Records

Review Flash

Good evening folks! I am, once again, happy to distract you from your isolated surroundings with an awesome band. This time it is AN EVENING WITH KNIVES from the home of the Dynamo Festival: Eindhoven! This three-piece plays a style I would mostly categorize as Doom; the vocals are rather harsh as Marco Gelissen is a bit of a shouter (not PANTERA shouting but no spherical CANDLEMASS singing either). The music has a modern approach to it, kinda Post Metal and leaning a bit to the better bands of the late 90s. ‘Sense Of Gravity’ is the second full-length to date. The bands upcoming tour was cancelled like all tours at the moment so I highly recommend to take a few minutes to indulge in this dark, heavy, progressive Stoner Doom because it is really well made and not what you normally expect when listening to Doom.

Conclusion: Below is the new video and a link to their web shop so you can buy their stuff after falling in love with their sound: /

Rating: 9 / 10

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