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hotbloodsunday keinlicht
Artist: Hot Blood Sunday
Title: Kein Licht
Genre: Grunge / Alternative Rock
Release Date: 17th December 2019
Label: Snooky Records

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My first reaction to the sound of HOT BLOOD SUNDAY was: “Whoa slow down with the 90s vibes there mate!” Yes, indeed the sound is a brew of the stranger excrescences of the 90s Rock and Metal scene, from MARILYN MANSON to NINE INCH NAILS and a few grunge influences there is quite a lot to digest, musically. Artistically everything is on a kick-ass level. The only thing I realize quickly is that the lyrical approach and the overall compositions is a bit too aloof for my personal taste (the black metal bits are too much guys…) and the track by track breakdown the guys did with New Noise really made the impression that the guys are a bit conceited as to their music and message.

Conclusion: In parts this is entertaining and rocking stuff, funny that the band is best when the elements are reduced to a minimum as in ‘Time Machine’.

Rating: 7 / 10

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