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blazingrust lineofdanger
Artist: Blazing Rust
Title: Line Of Danger
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 24th July 2020
Label: Pure Underground Records

Review Flash

St. Petersburg, underground and Heavy Metal: sounds as if Glukhovsky’s ‘Metro 2033’ with a kick-ass soundtrack but no it is BLAZING RUST a traditional Heavy band that sounds like a band from 1986 Los Angeles. ‘Line Of Danger’ is the bands second full-length output. Let’s check an excerpt of Pure Underground Records press text: “Traditional Heavy Metal with a decent hard rocking edge, the guys have a carefree freshness that is second to none. Pure “New Wave Of Traditional Metal”; often more melodic, but sometimes more riff influenced - the quintet never loses the balance between talented songwriting skills and kicking ass. The influences of old legends such as IRON MAIDEN and others can’t be denied, but BLAZING RUST always have their own trademark sound that will convince even a picky metal fanatic.”

OK... I cannot see why there is an IRON MAIDEN reference, not that BLAZING RUST is a bad band, NO! But I rather see these guys perform as support to SKID ROW and GUNS’N’ROSES than comparing them to the godfathers of the NWOBHM (some will argue that, I used this for great sound only...) no, no, no, this is 80s inspired heavy metal with a touch of glam and sleaze, sun’s out gun’s out Hard Rock to steal someone’s girlfriend to (driving a stolen cabriolet into the sunset style). This would have been great at that time too: great vocals, riffs for weeks and more hooks than a fishing shop. I really hope this does not get lost in the shuffle, there is a lot of great stuff to review this year so I will cross my fingers.

Conclusion: If you dig bands like DOKKEN or QUIET RIOT grab your copy now!

Rating: 8 / 10

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