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omgeving wijdewijdte
Artist: Omgeving
Title: Wijde wijdte
Genre: Post Black Metal / Doom Metal
Release Date: 6th December 2018
Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records

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Everyone that knows me knows that normally when talking about music I am not the most enthusiastic when it comes to experimental musical projects or Black Metal but here we go... a few days ago I, again, ran out of stuff to review and worded my desperation on Facebook and surprise! A few nice people answered the call and now I am here doing what I do... Ok. OMGEVING is the Dutch word for environment or surrounding and that is what the band is all about, at least if we believe the promo statement: “OMGEVING is an experimental musical project where the listener interprets the sound as auditory landscapes. Every texture that you hear is part of a broader perception of the landscape that has been created”

Yeah well mate... at least it is a black metal related project without vocals which means I don’t have to bear with these. The music is moody as fuck and there is nothing to criticize here aside from the fact that I don’t think in landscapes when I hear... sounds? There is nothing but barren nothingness and darkness not even the moon is there to brighten the void. This does not seem like the kind of music to spice up your day... No sir!

Conclusion: If you dig dark instrumental music that is perfect for the annual bloodletting this might be your gig but I rather dance in the sun than dwell in the dark.

Rating: 6 / 10

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