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oath legacy
Artist: Oath
Title: Legacy
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 17th December 2019
Label: Self-released

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Steven Waddel and I have been Facebook friends for a while now and with Facebook friend I mean we are aware of each other’s existence (I am more aware of his because my job is to explain what he does and thus the centre of attraction is always the dude with the guitar instead of the dude with a pen or in my case the keyboard Manowarrior). His solo project OATH has gotten the attention of my favourite print mags already in the past and as I have more than enough time on my hands I decided to do a write-up of his LP ‘Legacy’. I’ll cite his BandCamp text because that is a pretty good depiction of what OATH is all about: “Evoking the glory of an early 80s garage band OATH is a reverb drenched haze of twisting riffs and serpentine solos. Lose yourself with OATH. Conceived in 2018 by Steve Waddell as a solo project, taking inspiration from the DIY ethic of bands like FETID ZOMBIE and DARKTHRONE combined with the melodic feel of bands like PRAYING MANTIS and ANGELWITCH with a touch of Prog for good measure.”

Sound wise the comparison to ANGEL WITCH is not too far from the truth. The only thing that is not a hundred per cent perfect in my honest opinion is Steve’s vocals but that is the thing that makes this so charming, there are a million bands that sound like IRON MAIDEN nowadays (Ok, none of those vocalists is actually as good as Bruce Dickinson but there are lots of great, technically perfect singers out there). What I want to say is: Lemmy was not a technically great vocalist but he brought across what he felt because he birthed  MOTÖRHEAD’s music and the same can be said about OATH and Steven Waddel.

Conclusion: Epic guitar sound, heartfelt garage vocals CHECK IT OUT!

Rating: 8 / 10

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