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helios st demo
Artist: Helios
Title: Helios Demo
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 8th July 2020
Label: Self-released

Review Flash

As you know my dear readers I rarely get my hands on demos but when I happen to get lucky enough to do so the stuff always delivers. HELIOS from Pittsburg further confirm this rule, this demo really rips you a new one while it melts your face of with sweet, sweet Heavy Metal. This demo is the stuff us scribes live for: pure, catchy and highly melodic Metal played by a bunch of very skilled musicians that obviously even love and worship the right bands to trigger you the right way. On microphone duty we have Tim Aymar (Ex-PHARAO, Ex-CONTROL DENIED to just name the two bands that impress me the most in this man’s vita) on guitar duty we have Jonathan Stanley and Jeff Loy which both manage to further blow my mind, bass and drums, the pacemakers of this five-piece, play very punctuated and efficient which is often the perfect counterpart to the quite wild and virtuous melodic parts played and sung by Aymar and the two-headed six-string commando. ‘Like a Gun’ is a very catchy and melodic ballad with a killer refrain that will linger on your mind for ages (imagine an OZZY OSBOURNE 80s ballad but with a vocalist that is REALLY good at his job), ‘Hellbender’ is a pure and lovely JUDAS PRIEST and DIO worship that really kills.

Conclusion: Listen, I cannot overstate how much I want these guys to put out their LP soon because I WANT MORE!

Rating: 9 / 10

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