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attickdemons daytimestories
Artist: Attic Demons
Title: Daytime Stories... Nightmare Tales
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Release Date: 25th September 2020
Label: Roar! Rock Of Angels Records

Review Flash

Addiction is a bad thing! But if you thirst for a new IRON MAIDEN or Dickinson fronted musical project it is nice to have a few bands that sound alike. Artur Almeida really sounds pretty much like Bruce Dickinson, that alone does not make ATTICK DEMONS a good band but their songs do! Epic songwriting with a calm hand for great melodies paired with the soaring vocals of Artur, precise drumming and NWOBHM riffs top this off. In the song ‘O Condestavel’ they even add a bit of Folk elements without fucking things up. All in all this really makes for a good time without sounding like IRON MAIDEN all the time, these guys still manage to show their own colours proudly while often worshipping the great old ones in their songs.

Conclusion: if you like old-school Heavy Metal with great compositions and great vocals check out ATTICK DEMONS ‘Daytime Stories... Nightmare Tales’!

Rating: 8 / 10

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