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byfist intheend
Artist: Byfist
Title: In The End
Genre: US Metal
Release Date: 25th September 2020
Label: Pure Steel Records

Review Flash

Some bands disappear into thin air, never to be heard of again but some return stronger and better. BYFIST disbanded in 91 due to bad management (like gazillions of other bands, third party fault broke many bands). This five-piece from San Antonio, Texas released a few Demos, EPs and a compilation album before this but ‘In The End’ is the full-length debut of BYFIST and it kills! I know sometimes I might seem a bit one-dimensional but vocalist Raul Garcia really rips! His highs are vicious and his lows are soulful. Palmer on drums is the star of the second row with his invasive drums and pace-making, while Grantham on bass mainly undergirds the guitar tunes (with the exception that I can clearly hear him which is sexy af). BYFIST reminds me of HELSTAR and sometimes even old VICIOUS RUMOURS shine through.

Conclusion: This is as solid as it gets, maybe one of the best of 2020, buy this!

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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