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diggeth gringosgalacticos
Artist: Diggeth
Title: Gringos Galacticos
Genre: Stoner Metal / Heavy Rock
Release Date: 1st February 2019
Label: No Dust Records

Review Flash

If I had to say which European country I dig most after England and Sweden I have to say the Netherlands. The Netherlands are known for good Rock and Metal bands like: PICTURE, AYREON and THE DEVILS BLOOD to only name a few. DIGGETH is a three-piece band that makes enough trouble to mistake them for a five-piece band. The guys are around since 2004 and last year’s ‘Gringos Galacticos’ was their third full-length output to date. The sound of DIGGETH is dry, like really dry, melodic and very American sounding (it sounds like smoking dope in the desert surrounded by vultures who await your untimely demise). Vocalist Harald te Grotenhuis is blessed with a distinctive yet hilariously convertible voice (sounding like a stoner in one and a bit like Bruce Dickinson in the next). His voice makes it all the harder to effectively categorize the overall sound because his voice is a big point in the overall compositions and sound. It would be easiest to just say that I really dig how he sounds either way. Some songs have a guitar sound that reminds me very much of the American South (out of a lack of instrumental knowledge I hereby christen that sound ‘Hill billy guitar’). ‘Let the Ancient One Sleep’ is a heavy banger with Stoner Rock and Metal fragments and the before-mentioned ‘Hill billy guitar’ great piece, a bit confusing but great. My favourite is ‘In the Wake of Giants’.

Conclusion: if you dig bands like KYUSS and the SPIRITUAL BEGGARS you should risk an ear and rock out to DIGGETH`“GRINGOS GALACTICOS”!

Rating: 8 / 10

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