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oldmotherhell lordofdemise
Artist: Old Mother Hell
Title: Lord Of Demise
Genre: Epic Doom / Heavy Metal
Release Date: 23rd October 2020
Label: Cruz Del Sur

Review Flash

Germany is not known for being the epicentre of the Epic Doom genre but that is something that is bound to change if more bands like OLD MOTHER HELL arrive on the undergrounds radar. ‘Lord Of Demise’ is the second LP of this three-piece band from Mannheim and I can tell you: this rips! Bernd Wiener’s voice is fragile yet powerful, brittle but controlled. The considerate listener is reminded of IN SOLITUDE and maybe even SOLITUDE AETERNUS and Doom strangers VISIGOTH. On ‘Betrayal at the Sea’ Wiener even uses a rather extreme approach vocal-wise when he kinda growls / shouts, still his vocals fit the overall narrative. One of the really nice things when listening closely is: I can hear Senft’s bass, like all the time and he plays it like a clockwork. Same here for Frölich on drums, he knows when to make his presence known or when he is needed to provide an audible background. ‘Avenging Angel’ has moments that sound a bit low-fi guitar-wise but not in a demeaning kinda way, rather in a let’s-sound-like-ANGELWITCH-in 1981 kinda way. I would love to see the guys live with THE NIGHT ETERNAL and UNTO OTHERS (former IDLE HANDS) that package would make me very, very happy.

Conclusion: My fave of this record is ‘Lord Of Demise’ the powerful, melodic title track. Check these guys out and hit me up right after you did!

Rating: 8 / 10

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