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them returntohemmersmoor
Artist: Them
Title: Return to Hemmersmoor
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 30th October 2020
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

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THEM is quite a special band in my honest opinion, why you ask? Because I never got hooked on KING DIAMOND but I certainly dig THEM, originally formed a s a KING DIAMOND tribute band and a very good one at that. ‘Return to Hemmersmoor’ is the bands third full-length record and continues the story that the last two records have started to tell. THEM is what happens when KING DIAMOND is met with the fierce power and energy of Thrash Metal. If you never heard of these guys just imagine an audiobook version of your favourite cheesy but awesome horror movie with a killer soundtrack. KK Fossor on vocals is very versatile and powerful, he can do the rough shouts and the high-pitched screams as well as narrate the whole story behind the music. Seibel on keys is doing a great job at maintaining the old-school horror movie atmosphere while drums, bass and guitars support each other in a very organic way. Ullrich and Johanssen tell their very own story as the bands savage six-string specialists, perfectly riffing along the directions the rhythm section (Palma on bass and Cotte on drums) gives them. The whole superstructure is quite complex and overwhelming but the parts still gear into each other so seamlessly that it still is possible to follow the red thread.

Conclusion: If you like it heavy and epic and don't back off when hearing keyboards, you should check this out now!

Rating: 8 / 10

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