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anathema27Yotaspace, Moscow, Russia
8th July 2017

ANATHEMA are always like a deep meditation, like divine creative impulse or inspiration. Last time I saw an ANATHEMA show was in Saint-Petersburg. And it was like a shock in a good sense. A sort of magic I touched and was immediately healed. It was the same in Moscow this time. Pure Light. And the new album, ‘The Optimist’, was presented too. Surprising and simply perfectly amazing! Sometimes I just could not move staying at the photo pit listening to the music, it is breathtaking! If there is someone who still did not visit their show - you should definitely fill the gap!

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00. Intro: Love on a Real Train (Tangerine Dream song)
01. Springfield
02. Leaving It Behind
03. Endless Ways (Live premiere; first time ever)
04. The Optimist
05. Thin Air (including a little teaser for "Sleepless" during the introduction)
06. The Lost Song, Part 3
07. Can't Let Go
08. Pressure
09. The Storm Before the Calm
10. A Natural Disaster
11. Closer
12. Wildfires (Live premiere; first time ever)
13. Distant Satellites
14. Deep (including an intro from "The House of the Rising Sun")
15. Pitiless
16. Forgotten Hopes
17. Destiny Is Dead
18. Untouchable, Part 1
19. Outro: Chop Suey! (System of a Down song)
20. Outro: Pariah(Steven Wilson song)

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All pictures by Ekaterina Yakyamseva

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