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leafblade thekissofspiritandflesh
Artist: Leafblade
Title: The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh
Genre: Progressive Rock
Release Date: 7th June 2013
Label: kScope Music

Album Review

LEAFBLADE came about in 2003, Daniel Cavanagh (ANATHEMA) had a lot of admiration (not to mention their friendship) for songwriting of another musician on Liverpool’s scene, Sean Jude (ex-VALLE CRUCIS) and thus the band was born, together on the project was also Jude’s band-mate Kevin Murphy. In 2006 came their debut album ‘Beyond, beyond’ and this year ‘The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh’ followed it. For this album Cavanagh invited ANATHEMA band-mate, Daniel Cardosa, to contribute on drums; he also produced it.

The album’s serene and dreamy and its major focus lays on the vocal harmonies. There’s also a focus on a poetic vibe be it within lyrics or the impression of soundscapes, both of which will transport you into a romantic visions of nature – within and without. Though there are rockier parts they don’t seem to disturb this chilled out kind of feel at all but they just feel as part of its ‘weather’.  Also Jude’s interest in spiritual and occult with his admiration for classical English poets as Keats and Wordsworth does really show up, it may come out as naive and dated to some, but there’s something endearing and fresh about it actually, the cynic in me didn’t need to wake up but rather was reminded of child’s innocence and openness and the freedom and abandon of those qualities.

For best moments I’ll point out ‘Sunset Hypnos’ where the rock dynamics blend in excellently and create an intense song and ‘Portrait’, which is epic at times, and beautiful closing to this wonderful album.


01. Bethlehem - 8:19
02. The Hollow Hills (Starry Heart) - 6:33
03. Sunset Hypnos - 5:18
04. Fuchsia - 2:35
05. Oak Machine - 7:46
06. Thirteen - 7:00
07. Beneath A Woodland Moon - 4:36
08. Portrait - 10:55


Daniel Cavanagh
Sean Jude – guitars, vocals
Kevin Murphy – bass
Daniel Cardosa – drums


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leafblade thekissofspiritandflesh


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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