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introMatrix, Bochum, Germany
14th April 2015

“Resonance - A Celebration of the entire History of ANATHEMA Music (featuring special guests Duncan Patterson and Darren White)” was the motto of the evening and many fans came to see the sold-out show. The concert was divided into three parts with short breaks in order to present the band’s musical repertoire of its career that already spans 25 years. Starting with its actual style back to the early days. And so it is understandable that there was no supporting act.


The British band started in 1990 and since then has a volatile history with several changes of band members and musical styles. The constant in the line-up is the Cavanagh brothers. The early work can be located to the Death Doom/ Gothic Metal genre but throughout the years the style developed to Dark Rock/ Progressive Rock. ANATHEMA has launched 10 albums - the last one released in 2014, several EPs, compilations and singles. During the years the band toured alongside with bands like BOLT THROWER, PARADISE LOST, CANNIBAL CORPSE, CRADLE OF FILTH, PYOGENESIS, MY DYING BRIDE and PORCUPINE TREE to mention just a few. The actual line-up is Daniel Cavanagh (lead guitar), Vincent Cavanagh (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jamie Cavanagh (bass), John Douglas (percussions, keyboard), Lee Douglas (vocals) and Daniel Cardoso (drums). /


Music & Performance
As it was my first time I saw this band live it was quite interesting for me to see that the drum set was behind glass walls which looked to me like a studio setting. Also the floor was  carpeted which I guess was for sound reasons. With every appearing band member the people were cheering loudly. While the first song started quite solemnly the second accelerated the tempo and Lee entered the stage and got also a big applause. Every now and then Daniel animated the audience to clap their hands or sing along with the band. Apparently the crowd deeply enjoyed the performance as the people moved to the songs and obviously most of them knew the lyrics by heart. It was really a pity that the sound of the venue is not really appropriate for such extraordinary music, especially if you were standing quite in front of the stage. It got better in the back but as the place was crowded you hardly could see much of the band then.


The length of the songs were for me an unusual experience. But after a while the sound garment enshrouds you until you resonate. There is truly something magic in the music that casts a spell over the listener. Personally I liked the Progressive Rock part best as it reminded me partly of PINK FLOYD, YES or the very early works of GENESIS. Nevertheless the Doom Metal parts of the early beginning were also of high quality. For one song Daniel asked the audience to turn on the lights of their mobiles while all other lights were dimmed down and Lee who had reappeared on stage started to sing a very contemplative song and with all the small lights (as alternative to the ones of the cigarette lighters) it was just a wonderful atmosphere. For the last song of the first set John Douglas and Daniel Cardoso changed their work places and then the “Judgement period” ended. The second part started like an audiobook while the guys re-entered the stage. But now Duncan Patterson, a former member, played the bass. And here we had a goose bumps moment as well when Daniel Cavanagh let the audience sing the last refrain alone to ‘Empty‘.


With the last part we arrived in the very early days of the band - the Death Doom period - were now guest musician and former band member Darren White took over for the vocal part. And now there was more growling instead of the clear singing to hear. Also the audience changed their way of moving as now you could watch more people head-banging. A brilliant concert evening ended and the audience left in high spirits.

Set 1: 1999-2014; w/ Current Line-up
01. Scars of the old stream (Intro)
02. Anathema
03. Satellites
04. Untouchable Part 1
05. Untouchable Part 2
06. Simple mistake
07. Natural disaster
08. Closer
09. Pressure
10. One last goodbye
Set 2: 1995-1998; w/ Duncan Patterson
11. Bad Speech (Roy Harper song) (intro)
12. Shroud of false  
13. Fragile dreams
14. Empty
15. Lost control
16. Eternity Part 1
17. Eternity Part 2
18. Eternity Part 3
19. Sunset of age
20. A dying wish
Set 3: 1993-1995; w/ Darren White and Duncan Patterson
21. Crestfallen (Falling Deeper version)
22. Kingdom
23. Mine is yours to Drown In (Ours Is the New Tribe)
24. Under a veil (of Black Lace)
25. Lovelorn Rhapsody
26. They (will always) die (Falling Deeper version)
27. Sleepless
28. 666 (first time live since 2009)

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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