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rawfoil talesfromthefourtowers
Artist: Rawfoil
Title: Tales from the Four Towers
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 17th January 2020
Label: Buil3Kill Records

Review Flash

Sometimes it has to be a fistful of shred! And with shred I mean Heavy Metal on the thrashier side of life. RAWFOIL were assembled in 2009 in the Town of Monza, Italy and these guys are really pissed! Song titles like ‘Cult of Ignorance’ give it away: RAWFOIL criticize our system, our collective mindset of consumption and being controlled by our phones and the media. Ok, songs like ‘People who don’t drink are not People’ are a different beast, as much as I agree to a certain extent (people who don’t own a TV are strange too BTW) I deem this as more of a fun song. Musically RAWFOIL is, no surprise; pretty raw. Their riffs are galloping, the vocals are raw and rough as fuck and the drummer sounds like he has more than two arms (brutal). Technically this is not bad but nonetheless more on the fast and brutal side of Thrash Metal, without any frills and without any glimpse of mercy.

Conclusion: For fans of EXODUS, TESTAMENT and TANKARD!

Rating: 7 / 10

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