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crawlbelow 9milesquare
Artist: Crawl Below
Title: 9 Mile Square
Genre: Post Black Metal / Folk / Punk
Release Date: 12th February 2021
Label: Lawnmowerjetpack Records

Review Flash

I never would have thought that a project that describes their sound as confusing as CRAWL BELOW (Black Metal, D-Beat Punk, Doomgaze, Acoustic, and Post Metal) would manage to get me hooked that fast, I don’t know about the Black Metal influences (I can’t make out any) but for me this is Doom / Goth Rock with a strong post Grunge feeling to it and a whiff of nineties Alternative Rock. The artist behind this one-man show is called Charlie Sad Eyes and he is a multi-instrumentalist (a good one by the way). And although he once said he rips of Pete Steele and early LIFE OF AGONY, I must state that I like him better than both examples for comparisons. To just say CRAWL BELOW sounds like a band along the lines of TYPE O NEGATIVE or LIFE OF AGONY would be just lazy writing and I was called many things but not ‘Lazy Writer’ (ok, maybe on Tinder). This is a modern take on classic, melodic music that would be great for a movie soundtrack (THE CROW reboot anyone?). Just check this out and enjoy it.

Conclusion: If you like stuff like TYPE O NEGATIVE or UNTO OTHERS this will push your buttons.

Rating: 8 / 10

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