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towerhill fightingspirits
Artist: Tower Hill
Title: Fighting Spirits
Genre: Traditional Metal
Release Date: 26th February 2021
Label: self-released

Review Flash

TOWER HILL is a brand-new Traditional Heavy Metal band from the Canadian prairies, formed in 2020 by its sole member R.F Traynor. Traynor did all instruments on the EP and is currently hoping to fill the line-up to be ready when live music starts again. Musically TOWER HILL is a kick-ass mix of European influences of the last 30 years and traditional US Metal (there are parts that remind me of the melodic parts of the NWOBHM too). Shout out to Traynor for being a kick-ass riff-master and a great, energetic vocalist that is able to hit the high notes. All in all, this is a quite irritating mix, while sounding bad-ass there are even moments I am reminded of bands like ENFORCER or STEELWING due to the pace and the killer screams. If TOWER HILL returns with a LP or another EP I will be there, waiting.

Conclusion: If you are into high notes, killer riffs on end and great melodies: check out TOWER HILL!

Rating: 8 / 10

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