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adamantis farflungrealm
Artist: Adamantis
Title: Far Flung Realm
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 19th March 2021
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Review Flash

Upon the never-ending flood of bands both great and not-so-great I missed the 2018 EP of this nice US Power Metal band called ADAMANTIS. ‘Far Flung Realm’ managed to surprise a fuckload of people of the writers’ guild, so I decided I gave this a shot too to test my mettle. It took a while until I had been given the chance but here we are, about to find out what this old fart thinks about ADAMANTIS and their offering ‘Far Flung Realm’. The first thing every carbon unit with a functioning auditory passage is the classical oriented direction of the overall sound, the production is top notch and crisp as hell (some gatekeepers might find it overproduced or to smooth but this is my review, fuck them).

Jeff Stark is a skilled vocalist with a nice range and perfect phrasing while Jeff Taft and Javier Estrada riff it out on six-string duty (these two are the Batman and Robin of US Power Metal). But we shall not forget the rhythm section that is Cody Pelchat on bass and Evgeny Gromovoy on drums, the bass is more of a guideline and navigation for the riffs (thickening the guitar sound like only a bass can) and the drums are pacemakers yet the sound powerful and mighty (there is a MANOWAR feel to the drums every here and there). If you love European Power Metal but don’t need the triple cheese: check ADAMANTIS out, there is epicness, great melodies and well executed compositions and vocals.

Conclusion: If these guys and songs like ‘The Oracle’s Prophecy’ or ‘The Siege of Arkona’ don’t pull any triggers in your head you might as well check for a pulse...

Rating: 9 / 10

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