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jetjaguar endlessnights
Artist: Jet Jaguar
Title: Endless Nights
Genre: Heavy Metal / Speed Metal
Release Date: 17th July 2020
Label: Pride & Joy Music

Review Flash

I love to scour the Heavy Metal underground for little gems and with a little help from my friends (get it?) I discovered Cancún, Mexico’s JET JAGUAR. These gentlemen play together since 2014 and this is their debut ‘Endless Nights’. After only a few minutes and a few high pitches screams that almost shattered every glass-made thing in a 666 miles radius I am sold, Maxx Mendoza’s voice is like a lens that focuses the almighty eighties and his screams are like laser beams out of Heavy Metal hell. This band sounds so extremely tight and passionate that while listening I get the urge to buy spandex, leather and chains. Ok, the lyrics are cliché as fuck but I love this cheesy old-school metal worship and if it is well made it is all the better. I don’t know about you guys but any band that names itself after a character in a Godzilla movie gets a massive coolness bonus in my book. Guitarist Sergio Quintero’s ex band is named STEEL SENTINEL and Maxx’ ex band HEXENBIEST and I will have to check them both out after falling in love with these Mexican Metal Marauders.

Conclusion: If you love bands like STEELWING, STRIKER, SKULL FIST or ENFORCER you just owe it to the gods to check out JET JAGUAR!!!

Rating: 9 / 10

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