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vokonis odyssey
Artist: Vokonis
Title: Odyssey
Genre: Stoner / Doom
Release Date: 7th May 2021
Label: The Sign Records

Review Flash

The first time I came into contact with these fine Swedish gentlemen was when they released the predecessor ‘Grasping Time’. As a big fan of Stoner and Doom oriented music I was instantly won over by their sound and musical approach, my review of this record gave them a 9 out of 10 which is obviously pretty good. There is one thing to immediately point out about ‘Odyssey’: the mixing and the overall sound is way better than it was one the last record, the instrumentation is crisp and the vocals of Simon Ohlsson are outstanding compared to the already pretty decent work of 2019. The song ‘Through The Depths’ for example has trademarks that were used before on ‘Grasping Time’ but the more harsh vocals used on this one sound more well balanced and melodic than before, adding to the overall quality of ‘Odyssey’. The first song ‘Rebellion’ even reminds me of MASTODON, mixing harsh and very melodic vocal lines that remind me of MASTODON playing a song with THE CULT’s Ian Astbury.

Conclusion: If you dig music that meanders between Doom, Stoner and bits of Progressive Music you should check out VOKONIS. So, once again these guys did put out an excellent record and I still stand by my words of yesteryear: “Support the ever-living fuck out of these guys, I sure a fuck will!”.

Rating: 8 / 10

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