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cabaretvoltaire shadowoffunk
Artist: Cabaret Voltaire
Title: Shadow Of Funk EP / Dekadrone / BN9Drone
Genre: Electronic / Experimental
Release Date: 26th February / 26th March / 23rd April 2021
Label: Mute Records

Review Flash

‘Shadow Of Fear’, the first album in 26 years by acclaimed electronic pioneers and all-round eccentrics CABARET VOLTAIRE, is followed by a flurry of typically uncompromising releases in 2021. There’s the EP ‘Shadow Of Funk’ - three new tracks that splutter and splatter across nearly thirty minutes - nervy, paranoid spiders, weaving, destroying, scuttling about like hyperactive doomsayers and then jumping out at you when you least expect it. Tolerance of this jittery, electronic maelstrom depends very much on your tolerance of spiders I suppose. Add to this two “drone” releases, both clocking in at about an hour each, and you have enough sci-fi soundtrack and background noise to keep a roomful of Bladerunner nerds happily visualising for the next 26 years.

cabaretvoltaire shadowoffunkcabaretvoltaire dekadronecabaretvoltaire bn9drone

Conclusion: It’s not for anyone wanting a quick fix or an easy ride, but it’ll certainly keep you puzzled for a while, providing more digital confusion to a confused world, and proving that CABARET VOLTAIRE haven’t mellowed one tiny bit throughout their fascinating existence.

Rating: 7 / 10

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