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vaselyne waitingtoexhale
Artist: Vaselyne
Title: Waiting To Exhale EP
Genre: Darkwave / Ambient
Release Date: 28th July 2021
Label: Self-released

Review Flash

Drifting dreamily through genres since 2011, VASELYNE currently describe their sound as “Dark-Wave with a glow”, which certainly saves me having to magic-up such an apt description. To whet the appetite for a future extended release, ‘Waiting To Exhale’ is the new single by the Dutch duo (Yvette Winkler and Frank Weyzig), and is a perfect showcase for their particularly lush, grown-up Pop. A song about breaking free - which works on so many levels right now - there’s an almost impatient itch to the opening bars, as if only the vocals can truly start the journey. And when they come, there’s such a sense of yearning and longing in there, it’s tough to keep a dry eye. Gorgeous. But it would be far too easy to just leave it at that - so as the piano messes with your emotions, and the harmonies sweep and swell in waves around you, it leaves just the addition of mournful violin to make you collapse in floods, quivering like a paper boat.

Conclusion: This is beautifully written and produced, mournful but never maudlin, carried high on a sense of dreamy hope and mature optimism. More of this please. Stunning.

Rating: 9 / 10

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