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vaselyne necromancer
Artist: Vaselyne
Title: Necromancer
Genre: Darkwave / Post-Punk / Indie / Alternative
Release Date: 5th October 2023
Label: COP International

Album Review

Netherlands based duo VASELYNE’s highly anticipated EP ‘Necromancer’ is steadily climbing the indie charts as I write. ‘Necromancer’ is the 9th EP by VASELYNE and consists of three different mixes of the title track plus a cover of ‘The Doomed’ originally by A PERFECT CIRCLE. Frank Weyzig and Yvette Winkler are the talent behind VASELYNE. The duo was formed in 2011. Both have an extensive resume, Frank is a musician and producer, also involved in: BORN FOR BLISS, WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION and STARGAZING PROJECT but is probably best known for his work with CLAN OF XYMOX - which led to John Peel sessions in 1995. Yvette is a vocalist who founded SEA OF SOULS and has also has an impressive musical career - most recently she has been involved in the production of tribute albums to JAPAN and A PERFECT CIRCLE - featuring with other artists such as BORN FOR BLISS and TEARING THE BLACKBOX as well as VASELYNE’s own contributions.

The vocals are in perfect harmony on this slow, haunting melody on the title track that slowly builds from a lazy drawl to a crescendo. My mind’s eye conjures mysterious figures, donned in black hooded cloaks, doing a dance macabre round an altar. The guitar solo towards the end of the track is a splendid touch that subtly changes the atmosphere from eery and ritualistic to dark rock. This is followed by ‘The Doomed’ in which Yvette and Frank deliver a delicious darkwave symphony of the A PERFECT CIRCLE track which is also featured on the tribute album, ‘Sacred Geometry’. Then ‘Necromancer’ is reworked as an instrumental - the result is somewhat dark and ominous without the vocals. It could easily be a theme to a horror/ slash sci-fi movie. The lack of vocals makes you pay attention to the musical score and it is epic. Necromancer (KILL SHELTER mix) is another reworking of the title track - this time remixed by Pete Burns (KILL SHELTER). It’s dynamic, with a higher BPM, this is more of a dance track that I could imagine being played in the goth clubs Europe and LA.

Overall, the EP is a superb demonstration of this band’s musical ability. It’s somewhat intoxicating and I look forward to their new album that is currently in the making. If you are looking for dramatic, but soulful, post-punk darkwave music that is eery, experimental and wholly original, check out ‘Necromancer.’


01. Necromancer
02. The Doomed (A Perfect Circle cover)
03. Necromancer (Instrumental)
04. Necromancer (Kill Shelter Remix)


Yvette Winkler - Vocals
Frank Weyzig - Instruments and vocals on Necromancer

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Music: 8.5
Sound: 8.5
Total: 8.5 / 10

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