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coffincreep voids
Artist: Coffin Creep
Title: Voids
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 29th October 2021
Label: Grind to Death Records

Review Flash

No matter what kind of Rock or Metal is your shtick, the answer to all your prayers of steel and fire always is and always was: Sweden! Ok, there is rad stuff in the USA, Germany, South America and all around the globe but the quality that is forged in Sweden is almost always outstanding. Why should I be surprised that COFFIN CREEP from Malmö, Sweden are no exception of said rule? COFFIN CREEP were assembled in 2014 and ‘Voids’ is the band’s second full-length output to date. If you dig your Death Metal uncompromising, venomous and fierce as the Inland taipan you need to hear the vocals of Padde paired with Steve’s slow and very deadly riffgasms. The fact that Padde is also the drummer of the band is mind boggling and crazy. Aside from the music which is badass, there's also lots of cheese when it comes to the lyrics (‘Iron Whiskey’ and ‘Puking Nekrophilia’ say it all).

Conclusion: If you like music that resembles a kick in the nuts and dig bands like: DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED you are in for a good time!

Rating: 8 / 10

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