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gorebag tetheredtothewickeddomain
Artist: Gorebag
Title: Tethered To The Wicked Domain
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Release Date: 26th November 2021
Label: Grind To Death Records

Review Flash

GOREBAG from Finland surprise us with their first full-length output ‘Tethered To The Wicked Domain’, uncompromising, unforgiving and fucking unmelodic to be honest. This is pure, brutish and primitive Death Metal. No audible melody or finesse, just a gut-ripping, spine shattering Brutal Gorefest with absurdly gory and fucking cheesy lyrics. I kinda dig the craziness of it but I really don’t like the gutturals (still getting into extreme metal but this won’t do it for me, like ever). I mean I know it kinda is the point of Brutal Death Metal, Grind Core and other subgenres that tend to revolve around gory and sometimes extremely misogynist lyrics but honestly? I just think the vocals keep me from digging it more.

Conclusion: If you like guttural sound that sound like frogs having an orgy you might dig this but there is no way in hell someone understands the lyrics...

Rating: 6 / 10

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