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bogwizard miasmicpurplesmoke
Artist: Bog Wizard
Title: Miasmic Purple Smoke
Genre: Stoner/ Doom Metal
Release Date: 3rd December 2021
Label: The Dregs Records

Review Flash

BOG WIZARD is a hybrid of Stoner and Doom Metal but not the usual suspects of said genres, there’s some influences from bands like SLEEP, PENTAGRAMM and even bits and pieces of CONAN and AHAB to be felt in the raw and kinda brutal sound to be heard. Ben Lombard’s vocals evoke the vibe of 70s horror movies like de Ossorio’s ‘Tombs of the Blind Dead’ or Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’. Just the eerie and unpleasant feeling of being watched, followed and threatened. The low frequencies of both the bass and guitar paired with the vocals that vary between creepy, classic doom vocals and Sludge-like growls really help set the atmosphere. ‘Miasmic Purple Smoke’ is BOG WIZARD’s second full length release and if your dig a crazy and very atmospheric mix of Stoner. Doom and Sludge you are in for 41 minutes of crazy as fuck fun.

Conclusion: If atonal rawness paired with distinctive vocals is your thing, check this out.

Rating: 7 / 10

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