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iggypop zombiebirdhouse
Artist: Iggy Pop
Title: Zombie Birdhouse (Re-Release)
Genre: Punk / Rock
Release Date: 28th June 2019
Label: Caroline International

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Caroline Records re-released IGGY POP’s album ‘Zombie Birdhouse’ and those who never got their hands on the originally released album since 1982, should make sure they get their hands on this unique mix of Afrobeat, smashing synths and Iggy’s trademark vocal and lyric style. The re-released album is also interesting for collectors, as it comes with an unreleased version of ‘Pain and Suffering’ and it’s not just something you’d rate as a leftover, it’s brilliant and those who listen close, will recognize DEBBY HARRY on backing vocals. The original release came with mixed quality and back in time, some rated it as an almost brilliant failure, for IGGY POP had teamed up with Chris Stein (BLONDIE), Clem Burke and Rob Duprey who wrote most of the music on this album and released it on Stein’s label, instead of a big label, that might have interfered with this experimental style of music and vocals. The re-release sounds a bit better, but still the drums lack the power Burke demonstrated on many releases he’s been part of. The label also made sure, that you will get a few further extras such as sleeve notes by Irvine Welsh and rare pictures from the original photo-shooting.

Conclusion: The bonus tracks unite two legendary voices of Punk and makes it worth to buy the re-release, but those who are seeking “classic IGGY POP” might be disappointed.

Rating: 7 / 10


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