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bogwizard fromthemire
Artist: Bog Wizard
Title: From the Mire
Genre: Stoner Metal / Doom Metal
Release Date: 3rd July 2020
Label: self-released

Review Flash

I stumbled upon BOG WIZARD a few times before actually talking to drummer, synth magician and Didgeridooer Harlen Linke. If you follow my journey into and through Heavy Metal you know that I still broaden my musical perspective every once in a while. BOG WIZARD is quite fuzzy and, in some vocals, they don’t rely on classical concepts, in ‘Gnarled Cane’ there’s a lot of riffs and fuzz but no vocals at all but it works fine as a kind of transition to ‘Fear the Crown’. Most of the time the material is very syrup-like and tuned down hard. That preferences in composition and playing make BOG WIZARD more of a Doom Metal than Stoner act. Lyrical wise these guys are firmly rooted in fantastic tales (‘The Wizard in the Bog’, ‘Shapeshifter’). Imagine badly depressive BLACK SABBATH with a TYPE O NEGATIVE vibe and a fierce attitude when it comes to really evil riffs. What I deem as interesting and pretty strange is that are songs that use sound effects in the background (Mosquitoes, the sound of someone or something treading through water). Clearly an interesting band from Michigan.

Conclusion: If you like your Doom extra depressive and deep sound-wise you should check out BOG WIZARD.

Rating: 7 / 10

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