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wreckdefy theworldenslaved
Artist: Wreck-Defy
Title: The World Enslaved
Genre: Thrash Metal / Power Metal
Release Date: 1st December 2021
Label: Doc Gator Records

Review Flash

WRECK-DEFY hail from the Canadian city known as Thunder Bay. The band was formed in 2016 and the only original member of the band is Matt Hanchuk (the driving force behind WRECK-DEFY). ‘The World Enslaved’ is the band’s fourth full-length record (four records in five years is impressive). Sound-wise this reminds me a lot of acts like ANNIHILATOR and OVERKILL, Greg Wagner’s vocals are a bit more on the classic US Metal side of things but the phrasing and rhythms in the vocal lines are totally like Bobby Blitz would do them. Time-wise this is rather unusual for a Thrash Metal band too, this record clicks in on over an hour of fast paced, face-melting, brick to the face tracks and it definitely rules! Greg “Wags” Wagner is the new man on the microphone and it was definitely a good idea to get him the job as his voice is a big win for the overall sound. Ex-TESTAMENT bass-man Greg Christian also absolutely slays with a bass sound that is not only audible at all times but absolutely essential to the whole experience that this record is.

Conclusion: If you like your Thrash Metal peppered with a bit of Power Metal you will love this to shreds - one of the Thrash Metal outputs of 2021

Rating: 9 / 10

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