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striker deathwish
Artist: Striker
Title: Deathwish
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 20th October 2021
Label: Record Breaking Records

Review Flash

STRIKER from Alberta, Canada is back with the single ‘Deathwish’ and what can I say? The promotion for this was nothing short of brilliant and nasty at the same time, fans of the band saw the gravestone with the engraved time of death of STRIKER so everyone assumed the band called it quits. I for one was shocked into oblivion as I like these guys a lot. So, when the single came out people were delighted to not lose another band. So, what about the music? If you heard of NESTOR and their 2021 record ‘Kids In A Ghost Town’ you are very close to knowing what ‘Deathwish’ sounds like: as old school as it gets! Everything about screams AOR and 80s Rock, it is just really good and hilariously melodic, topped with great vocals by Dan Cleary. If there is one single you should buy before the end of the year it is STRIKER with ‘Deathwish’.

Conclusion: Mix ENFORCER with NESTOR and a bit of SCREAMER for good measure and you got this little gem, buy it!

Rating: 8/ 10

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