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mnhg mundare
Artist: MNHG
Title: Mundare
Genre: Black ’n’ Roll
Release Date: 26th February 2021
Label: Immortal Frost Productions

Review Flash

So if a band plays Black ‘n’ Roll what is the big difference to Black Metal itself or Blackened Thrash? First and foremost Black ‘n’ Roll is more rhythm driven and straight forward than Black Metal and it is less monumental, epic and atmospheric too. Black Thrash is mainly really fast and aggressive Thrash Metal with ultra-gnarly Goblin-on-Cocaine vocals, or in short: it is as harsh, loud and fast as a cheap quickie in the Truck Stop toilet whereas Black ‘n’ Roll is rough but rather slow and not overly brutal which means it is the best of the three subgenres to get proper drunk while partying your ass off. The band that is today’s subject is MNHG from North Rhine- Westphalia and they did form in the year of the plague (2020).

MNHG was formed after the band THYRGRIM called it quits in 2019. The only musician that, according to the Metal Archives entry, is not a former member of THYRGRIM is drummer R. (yep the band members just use single letters followed by the period symbol). As expected and described in the beginning the sound is raw around the edges but not as noisy and evil as the Death Thrash bands like BEWITCHER, MIDNIGHT and KNIFE (so these guys are in great company). The names of the songs also point to rather classic lyrical themes like the good old Satanism (‘Blasphemic Warfare’, ‘Praise The Beast’ or ‘Revelation’ are a dead giveaway). So if you like to dance the Beelzeboogy, burn bibles and churches and generally think that metal rules and religion is for morons you might wanna get drunk to this.

Conclusion: If your motto is “in goat we trust” you understood the appointment and may proceed with your sacrifices on the altar of Heavy Metal

Rating: 8 / 10

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