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mournthelight stareintothefaceofdeath
Artist: Mourn The Light
Title: Stare Into The Face Of Death
Genre: Doom Metal
Release Date: 25th November 2022
Label: Argonauta Records

Review Flash

One year ago I reviewed the last full-length offering of MOURN THE LIGHT from Connecticut were formed in 2017 and they play classic, melodic Doom Metal. The vocals are raspy but compared to a variety of styles and subgenres these are clean vocals (but I guess vocalist Andrew Stachelek is a smoker). Just as I expected this is another collection of catchy Doom tunes that are well thought out, composed and musically executed. ‘It All Comes Down’ is a nice mix between the southern vibe of Zakk Wylde and a 90s Grunge feeling to it (the good stuff like ALICE IN CHAINS to be clear). ‘Face Of Death’ delves onto the more occult part of the Doom subgenre and even uses a few growls here and there for good (evil) measure. ‘The Hunt’ somehow really reminds me of some good old GRAND MAGUS because it has this certain something (the rhythm paired with the vocals and the lyrics is just ‘The Vibe’). Last but not least: ‘Heavy Metal Destiny’ the beginning of the track has all the guitar riff goodness you need if you dig both MANOWAR and GRAND MAGUS (I for one absolutely love both bands so this is a no-brainer). Definitely a very good EP and one of the best EPs of this year.

Conclusion: Most of this has the riding-into-battle-while-yelling-something-epic feel to it and who the fuck doesn’t love this?

Rating: 9 / 10

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