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kaputth kaventsmann
Artist: Kaputth
Title: Kaventsmann / Ich Sehe Keine Tannen Mehr
Genre: Doom / Sludge Metal
Release Date: 19th September 2022
Label: self-released

Review Flash

About a year and a half ago my fist audible encounter with German Doom band KAPUTTH (translated to broken) took place. I reviewed the Single ‘Bergschwer’ and despite my notion to despise German lyrics I took a liking to its leaden heaviness. Even though I am a German native speaker I don’t really “get” the song ‘Ich Sehe Keine Tannen Mehr’. To me it sounds like an anti-Christmas song which is fine I guess (there’s even a part with “Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnnuss” which is a citation of an old German song that was once interpreted by Heino). As mentioned I don’t exactly understand the concept this time but when it comes to being slow as fuck and heavy as an Anvil they do know their craft. The second track ‘Kaventsmann’ (translated as something or someone quite big) is even slower if that is possible and the lyrics are quite short but do remind me a bit of RAMMSTEIN to be honest. There seem to be some words that only make sense if you live in the Bavarian periphery (‘Schinderkehren’ or ‘Gamspfad’ for example). In the end this is not really a problem if you are here for the riffs and the sheer gravity these guys do summon with their compositions and their execution.

Conclusion: If you like bands like B.S.T or SERVANTS TO THE TIDE you might dig this rather special Doom band too.

Rating: 7 / 10

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