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luftwaffe thecardinalsinsweep
Artist: Luftwaffe
Title: The Cardinal Sin Sweep
Genre: Progressive US Metal
Release Date: 25th November 2022
Label: Heaven and Hell Records

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It is always a good thing if you are one of the lucky people that get their stuff from Heaven and Hell Records, this label is dedicated to releasing heavy hitting, high quality material from fresh bands and do re-issues of bands they deem worthy of blowing your mind. Today band is named LUFTWAFFE and even if this is bound for bad connotations (to me as a German the band name made me think for a second that this might be a sketchy band but then I remembered who did send this my way). The funny thing is that LUFTWAFFE seemed to be a band bound on shock value when it comes to their live-shows (golden sledgehammers or warheads on stage) but their music was quite the contrary. Sound-wise LUFTWAFFE did a mix between MSG, Frank Zappa, AOR and early US Metal and you know what? They made it work, sure the tracks sound strange as all fuck but the progressive nature of the material paired with the proto-metal vibe and the vocals that sometimes do remember me of something LED ZEPPELIN could have done if they had not called it quits after John Bonham’s untimely death in 1980. after indulging in this record for a while I have to state that I do dig this but it is no easy listening, you have to be in the mood for chaotic and proggy 80s Hard Rock / Metal to have fun with this.

Conclusion: This would be great for listening in your car but the music is so demanding and progressive that you would get lost in the Nevada Desert when you just went to visit the Deli on the Corner on your bicycle...

Rating: 8 / 10

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