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royalhell secondsightsofthegrandseer
Artist: Royal Hell
Title: Second Sight Of The Grand Seer
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 19th August 2022
Label: Heaven and Hell Records

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When I first learned of the kick-ass dudes from ROYAL HELL the planet all but forgot what a pandemic was. It was 2019 and, aside from meeting the women I should marry in 2021, I just had a rough few month (more should follow) but all that should change or be worth it later on so I started to write reviews again and shortly after that decision met a few awesome bands. One of those bands was ROYAL HELL from Scranton, Pennsylvania (the home of Pete Steele and Dunder Mifflin) we got along nicely from the start and when Matthew Peppe, vocalist par excellence, send me his album ‘Higher Court’ I checked it out and became a fan. So now, three year later, I am sitting in front of my good old Computer writing another review about the bands dope music.

I know, if asked, the Metal Archives say that ROYAL HELL is a Rock / Metal band but I’d like to expand further along those lines and tell you what I think is undoubtedly the truth: ROYAL HELL sound like 80s SABBATH with a dude that sound like OZZY OSBOURNE if Ozzy was a good vocalist, to top this off these guys sound like BLACK SABBATH on a pretty rough, heavy day (there is some Stoner Rock and a nice KYUSS vibe too). I guess if someone would give it a go on a big radio station ‘Black Desert’ would be a hit, it is a song to listen to over and over (a bit psychedelic, straight forward and melodic as all fuck). I know it is a stretch but the combination of styles and influences that I can detect when listening to this might even be some kind of substitute for fans of GRAND MAGUS that cannot await their next release. I am happy to have the opportunity to sit here and write this while listening to riffgasm after riffgasm. If you dig the combination of dry riffs that trickle out of the stereo like desert sand combined with ridiculously fitting vocals and really addicting melodies... buy this

Conclusion: A more than worthy successor to ‘Higher Court’ a must buy!

Rating: 9 / 10

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