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invid journeyoftheblind
Artist: Invid
Title: Journey Of The Blind
Genre: Power Metal / Thrash Metal
Release Date: 2nd December 2022
Label: Heaven and Hell Records

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Some bands are like solar flares, just short outbursts of pure, raw energy that burn as hot as the pits of hell but, like the morning dew, they are sheerly not meant to last. One of those bands was INVID from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (they moved to Florida later on). The band formed after the short-lived supergroup DEADZONE (it is called supergroup in the press-text but to be honest I cannot find the band on Google and the Metal Archives only got a band from Andalusia) called it quits. As mentioned in my gutter poetry above, the band was not around for long but they did sound quite interesting that much I can say from the six tracks I have at my musical disposal. As mentioned in the press text provided by the label, the band did exist from 1989 until 1992 (or longer, the text says they were gone by the mid-nineties) for better or worse I am sitting in my manly metal-cave tonight to listen to their handful of recorded tracks and tell you about it.

Sound-wise INVID do remind me of bands like SANCTUARY, SAVATAGE, METAL CHURCH and VICIOUS RUMORS. As direct comparisons go, I can say that INVID is way more chaotic and progressive as a band like SAVATAGE as the songs experienced on ‘Journey Of The Blind’ are less classic in ways of confirmability and melody and way more experimental than VICIOUS RUMORS for example. What I can also state about INVID is that this was and would never have been, a band for everyone. Too chaotic, kinda messy and complex are the arrangements on these few tracks that it seems that the band did not survive their own high expectations. Nevertheless: this is quite impressive for an outfit I never heard about, thanks to Heaven and Hell once again for deep diving into the Metal scene of yesteryear.

Conclusion: Complex, kinda rough, bat-shit crazy music to lose your mind to

Rating: 8 / 10

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