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newworlddepression intermentofsins
Artist: New World Depression
Title: Interment Of Sins
Genre: Old-School Death Metal
Release Date:14th April 2023
Label: Fucking Kill Records

Review Flash

Just a few month ago (October 2022) I had the pleasure to do my first review of a NEW WORLD DEPRESSION release. The name of the record was ‘Descent’ and it was the predecessor of ‘Interment of Sins’ which I am listening to right now. The first thing to notice is the feeling that the band has engaged a gear into a neck breaking pace. The riffs are more in your face and even the already brutal as fuck vocals are somehow amplified (I don't know how vocalist Sascha also called “Hütte” does this). With a bit over 42 minutes this is also quite a long record when it comes to the sheer destructiveness of the band’s sound. One thing about these guys, their sound and their songs really stands out for me: although this is a Death Metal band and, from the sound alone, quite a brutal one, the lyrics never go into the lair of dumb profanities and gore (OK a decapitation here and a grinder for people there but my dear Death Metal fans know that some bands know no boundaries when it comes to the depiction of violence). Back to the music: tracks like ‘Forgotten Tombs’ and the title track ‘Interment Of Sins’ are good examples for how to write and play Death Metal in a fresh and thrilling way in the 2023, the melodies and the groove are omnipresent and  the bands aggression and power is on full display in every single growl, riff, kick and punch.

Conclusion: What a start for the year 2023, if you want to listen to one Death Metal band right now it should be NEW WORLD DEPRESSION!

Rating: 9 / 10

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